Puppy Care


Pug puppies for sale.
Skin: As pugs have many wrinkles in their faces, owners normally take special care to clean inside the creases, as irritation and infection can result from improper care.

Breathing: The pug, like other short-snorted breeds, has an elongated palate. When excited, they are prone to “reverse sneezing,” where the dog will quickly, and seemingly laboriously, gasp and snort. The veterinary name for this is Pharyngeal Gag Reflex. This is caused by fluid or debris getting caught under the palate and irritating the throat or limiting breathing. “Reverse sneezing” episodes are usually not harmful to the pug and resolve themselves. Massaging the dog’s throat or covering its nose in order to make it breathe through its mouth can often shorten episodes.

Eyes: The adorable big eyes of the Pug can also be a curse, Pugs are prone to so many eye problems it is almost worthy of a section all by itself! Any Pug worth his salt will stick his face into anything that interest them, unfortunately this means putting there vulnerable eyes in harms way. Running into obstacles as a puppy can be a problem but even in adult hood Pugs need to be careful of thorns, claws and many other objects whilst sniffing in bushes.

What should I feed my Pug on?

The majority of dog owners often prefer dry food for reasons of convenience and price. For example if you are buying canned wet food, 60-90% of what you are buying is actually moisture (water). Due to this you will quite often find that you need to feed them twice as much food as you would if the food was bought dry. Grain gluten and other protein gels may be used in wet dog food to create artificial meaty chunks, which look like real meat.

Dry food contains 6-10% moisture by volume

Canned food contains 60-90% moisture.

Semi-moist foods have a moisture content of 25-35%.

Try to look at the back of packaging not just the pretty logo. Cheaper brands tend to contain cereals like corn, wheat, barley and ash, all the good stuff that your dog would never eat in nature and that passes right through its bowels with little to no nutrition.

Exercise and Socialization

Pug’s do not need a lot of exercise but they love going for walks.

To enable you Pug to grow up well adjusted and able to deal with new situations without fear he/she will need to be socialized.

Ear & Wrinkle Cleaning

You should inspect your Pugs ears and eyes daily. If necessary wipe the eyes and ears with cotton wool dampened with warm water. Using a cotton wool ball wipe away the wax and dirt it’s brought to the surface.